Post-Election Gratitude

We are facilitators of our own creative evolution…

There’s been about a week or so for the smoke to clear, so it’s time to post some THANK YOUs. For brevity’s sake, we won’t be detailing why every single person mentioned was included, but know that they all played a significant role in our effort, or had an important impact on what we were able to accomplish in this race.  So without further adieu,


Erin Shroll, Megan Gilligan, Simonetta Jean, Laura Genna, Daisy Millard, Leslie Brown, John Martin, Heather Warburton, Javier Vilca, Jennifer Hamilton, Jacky Stapel, and Troy Knight-Napper.

ALSO, thank you to Pam McPheron, Wendie Goetz, Craig Cayetano, Nick Shah, Margareta Arvidsson, Jessica Hickok, Robert Lynch, and Rebecca Musarra.

FINALLY, we should also mention Rachel Marlowe, Shelly Morningstar, Leslie Meyer Huhn, Tristan Rader, Peter Jacob, Wayne Levante, Scott McDonald, John Valentine, and Harvey Roseff. You are all very much appreciated.

And last, but not least…and perhaps FIRST 😉 …our deepest love and thanks to Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale.

We are also grateful for the professional services of the Inn at Millrace Pond, Good Impressions Printing & Mailing, Graphic Image Inc., and the ladies of the Budd Lake and Belvidere branches of Valley National Bank.

In closing, we would like to leave you with these words from Aaron as quoted in the wrap-up article written by David Danzis in the New Jersey Herald:

“We know this is a Republican stronghold and the GOP side did what they needed to do to hold their ground,” Hyndman said. “Moving forward, I hope the opposition factions can learn from this and understand what it’s going to take to create a viable coalition for the future. For the sake of good policy and a healthy democratic process in our region, I hope this can happen as soon as possible.”