A REAL VISION for Economic Growth through Investment in Technology Infrastructure

The classic Josh Gottheimer photo op, this time with two Warren County mayors

Telecommunications infrastructure improvements are a vital part of the much-needed economic growth of our region. So while we appreciate Rep Josh Gottheimer for his interest in the needs of our rural district, if events such as those taking place this week are to be more than just a publicity stunt, the congressman and other leaders, from state legislators down to municipal committee members, MUST realize that a proactive and FORWARD THINKING agenda has to be laid out, not ideas that are relics of a past generation’s technology. For that reason, we urge the following actions:

1) Congressman Gottheimer and our other officials MUST stand up in defense of Net Neutrality and make that a key issue. It’s one thing to collaborate in partnership with telecomm firms like CenturyLink, but without Net Neutrality, our small businesses will suffer because these firms will be able to prioritize profit over fair and equal access to the internet for EVERYONE in this district.

2) We need to address the need for improvements in modern 21st Century WIRELESS technology, not the old 20th century broadband. While it’s nice that CenturyLink is at the table, companies that control the MOBILE signals such as Verizon and AT&T, MUST BE PRESSURED TO IMPROVE the horrific service we have in northwestern New Jersey if our region is going to be truly competitive with other parts of the state and make the most of our strategic location and potential to attract professional services firms to be the backbone of our economic revitalization in the towns of #LD24. HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS IN SUBSIDIES were provided to the telecomm industry in the 1990s to outfit New Jersey with a state-of-the art network of fiber optic cable infrastructure. IT NEVER REALLY HAPPENED and now OUR REGION LAGS BEHIND. And given the realities of what it would take to lay those cables, between the cost and the regulatory/bureaucratic impracticality of actually installing those miles and miles of cable in an ecologically sensitive area that is far more built out than it was in the 80s and 90s when cable lines were initially installed…well…you get the picture. We’re being sold a pipe dream that can never become a reality…which brings us to…

3) DEMAND that Congressman Gottheimer work for the best interests of his constituents and not his buddies at the FCC, and push for regulatory reform that would free up currently restricted bandwidth and re-allocate it toward consumer broadband WIRELESS internet service. This would be a GAME CHANGER for rural areas. So if the congressman actually wants to put his money where his mouth is, THIS IS THE ACTION HE SHOULD BE TAKING.

You’re not hearing any of this from Oroho, Space, and Wirths, or any others who pay lip service to economic growth in this district, but lack either the political fortitude or policy/technological background to get it done. That’s why you need an independent representative ready, willing, and able to take on any political power that doesn’t have the best interests of this region at heart. And in addition, our best bet would be to to elect someone like Aaron, with a policy background and a college degree in Communication, who actually did recent research on mediated communication infrastructure. That’s why Aaron Hyndman is the best choice to represent the 24th Legislative District on Election Day this November. Vote for Aaron Hyndman and Kenny Collins to be YOUR truly independent voice.