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    As independent Green legislators, we will be accountable ONLY to the people of the 24th Legislative District, representing the interests and needs of Sussex, Warren, and Morris Counties, NOT the corporate party bosses of Trenton, or of Camden, Essex, and Hudson Counties, or anywhere else in the state.
    We will improve public education through fair school funding, supporting district consolidation, and advancing better curriculum standards that favor students and teachers.
    NO to fracking, NO to pipelines, YES to protecting watersheds, forests, and aquifers, and YES to a properly funded Highlands Act/TDR Program and a transition to 100% renewable energy in New Jersey by 2035.
    We will seek to improve health outcomes and economic freedom/job mobility via single-payer health care for all that un-tethers coverage from employment.
    We will demand transportation equity for northwest New Jersey, by not only improving links to other regions, but also between our own towns. We will also make improved tech infrastructure a priority, as an engine for economic growth and revitalization. 
    We will reduce property taxes through eliminating waste and enacting systematic reforms, particularly in school funding and healthcare.