Taking It To The Streets!

brochure and palm card – thank you to everyone who donated to cover the cost of our new campaign lit

HERE WE GO!!!  Our first big canvassing push takes place tomorrow in Belvidere, Aaron’s hometown!  On the heels of a successful and provocative (sorry, Hal!) performance in this week’s candidate forum in Ogdensburg, we are ready to bring the message of Ecology, Equality, and Prosperity, to the neighborhoods that meant so much to Aaron, his brothers, and his friends through the formative years of their lives.  This is why we are doing what we do.  This is OUR community and the time has come to take it back for the people.  JOIN US! Send an email to info@Green24th.us if you want to get involved, either this weekend, or at any time between now and November 7th …and beyond.