Where’s Hal???

With his wife expecting their first child this fall, we’re all aware of the reason Kenny isn’t actively campaigning. So Hal Wirths, what’s YOUR excuse? As the third wheel of the so-called “District 24 Republican Taxpayer Team,” he sure seems content to ride the bench.

What’s Hal trying to hide from? His cushy life on the public dime as a Chris Christie appointee, first as Labor Secretary, where under his guidance New Jersey failed to regain 100 percent of the jobs lost during the Great Recession, despite New York’s 286% increase during that same time frame? Or perhaps it’s his subsequent tapping by Governor Christie to serve on the Parole Board, with its $120,000 per year salary going to someone with no legal or criminal justice background in a sham of an appointment that was described by Senator Raymond Lesniak at the time as an “example of more waste of taxpayer dollars,” and “another pension-padding scheme by Governor Christie.”

But now is no time to be silent. With his running mate Parker Space under fire for his public affinity for the Confederate flag and his disrespectful language in reference to Democrat challenger Kate Matteson, it makes perfect sense that Hal wants to lay low. But if he wants to show that he’s worthy of being our representative in the state legislature, HAL WIRTHS NEEDS TO SPEAK OUT, and stop hiding behing canned statements from his GOP running mates.

We’re waiting, Hal. All of us in #LD24 would love to hear what YOU have to say.