Welcome to the official website for the campaign to elect Kenny Collins and Aaron Hyndman for General Assembly in New Jersey’s 24th Legislative District!

The goal of our grassroots people-powered campaign is to advance our shared values and principles, based on Ecology, Equality, and Prosperity.

Our policy initiatives will align with the Four Pillars of the Green Party (Peace & Non-Violence, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, and Grassroots Democracy). In all that we do, we will seek to make our district and state a better place for all, through the advancement of the Green Party’s 10 Key Values as described below:

1) FACILITATE true Grassroots Democracy by speaking truth to power and giving everyone the opportunity to be a part of this movement for change.

2) ADVANCE Social Justice so that everyone gets fair treatment under the law, giving every New Jerseyan the opportunity to fulfill their potential.

3) EMBRACE Non-Violence on an operational and policy level so that we can work toward lasting peace in our local and global communities.

4) DEFEND our Ecology, knowing that it is our obligation to be good stewards of the resources that we all must share.

5) PROMOTE Sustainability so that New Jersey will have an economic system that is not dependent on continual expansion for survival.

6) INCORPORATE fundamental principles of Economic Justice into our policy alternatives so that every New Jerseyan has the opportunity for meaningful work with dignity, paying a living wage that reflects the real value of a person’s work, with broad citizen participation in economic decision-making to assure protection of the environment and workers’ rights.

7) REFORM a corrupt structure dominated by the elites so that a more decentralized, democratic, and egalitarian system can yield a better quality of life for all of us.

8) RESPECT Gender Equality so that a more cooperative model, without typecasting, will encourage respectful, positive, and responsible relationships that free all members of society to live up to their full potential.

9) ENSURE that there is appropriate Diversity in everything we do, because only then can we be greater than the sum of our parts. That way, true popular democracy can become the status quo, guaranteeing the dignity of the individual, and liberty and justice for all.

10) ENCOURAGE individuals to take responsibility for the well-being of their households and their communities.



To donate to our grassroots people-powered campaign, please follow the instructions shown below:

USING PERSONAL CHECK: Make check payable to “Collins and Hyndman for Assembly” and mail to: Collins and Hyndman for Assembly, P.O. Box 165, Andover, NJ 07821.

ONLINE USING PAYPAL: Please CLICK HERE to visit our donation page hosted by the Green Party of New Jersey to make an online donation.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to process your contribution, we MUST collect personal information as mandated by New Jersey Statute and NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission regulation.  You will receive a request for the required information within 24 hours of the time your donation posts; we would greatly appreciate if you could return the necessary information to us at the specified address as requested within 24-48 hours of receipt so that we can maintain proper compliance. We DO NOT accept corporate or “Dark Money” PAC donations…please make contributions ONLY from individual accounts.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We appreciate you so much.


About Kenny

Kenny Collins

A decorated US Army veteran and passionate environmentalist, Kenny has been a champion for protecting our food and water. He has initiated, organized and participated in numerous campaigns to protect the Delaware River Basin and our drinking water.

Endorsed by the NJ Sierra Club as a candidate for state assembly in 2015, Kenny’s constant engagement on behalf of our local environment and ecosystem spans over 10 years with the Delaware River Basin Commission and New Jersey Highlands Commission.

About Aaron
A Public Relations & Communications Consultant by profession and an activist and advocate for environmental, economic, and social justice by passion, Aaron’s recent political involvement includes a successful stint as the Sussex-Warren Regional Co-Coordinator for the Bernie Sanders campaign, where he spearheaded the Newton-based efforts that swung Sussex and Warren counties for Sanders against the tide of a decisive Hillary Clinton victory in the New Jersey primary. Aaron also served as Warren County Field Director for the Peter Jacob for Congress campaign in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.  Currently, Aaron is a state Co-Chair of the Green Party of New Jersey and directs GPNJ’s statewide coordinated campaign effort.

Aaron Hyndman

Aaron did his undergraduate work at Princeton University and Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where he graduated summa cum laude. An alumnus of Rutgers University’s School of Communication & Information, he majored in communication, with areas of concentration in public policy, media studies, public relations, and critical theory.

In the community, Aaron does advocacy work through his positions with the Warren County Mental Health Advisory Board, New Jersey Bike & Walk Coalition, and NAMI-NJ, among others. He’s also been involved in actions with 15 Now NJ, Coalition Against the Pilgrim Pipeline, North Jersey Indivisible, and many more. And perhaps most importantly, Aaron had the honor and privilege of mentoring and training young people across the area for over 12 years as a youth soccer coach and trainer.



A REAL VISION for Economic Growth through Investment in Technology Infrastructure

Telecommunications infrastructure improvements are a vital part of the much-needed economic growth of our region. So while we appreciate Rep Josh Gottheimer for his interest in the needs of our rural district, if events such as those taking place this week are to be more than just a publicity stunt, the congressman and other leaders, …

Taking It To The Streets!

HERE WE GO!!!  Our first big canvassing push takes place tomorrow in Belvidere, Aaron’s hometown!  On the heels of a successful and provocative (sorry, Hal!) performance in this week’s candidate forum in Ogdensburg, we are ready to bring the message of Ecology, Equality, and Prosperity, to the neighborhoods that meant so much to Aaron, his …


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